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About Us

Welcome to the fraternity of PAWrents with Confident Dogs


Dogs are fun! Training should be even more fun.We admire our dogs for the lovely beings they are. We want them to lead a fulfilled life no matter where they are.We help you understand your dogs’ needs and how best you can provide a well rounded life for them!

From counselling new PAWrents, basic puppy coaching, teaching an old dog new tricks to dealing with behavior issues, we would love to be able to help you .We particularly specialize in breed specific classes for puppies which includes lots of fun activities, teaching them social etiquette, socialization in the most fun way possible and reliable obedience indoors and outdoors making them the perfect canine good citizen!

We also provide customized behaviour modification programmes for problems ranging from toileting issues, incessant barking, separation problems, destructive chewing, etc. to aggression towards people/dogs.


Meet our founder!

Nivedita Kumar is an award winning internationally certified canine behaviourist and trainer. She has immense experience with varied breeds and works extensively alongside vets, groomers, dog boarding facilities, animal welfare organisations, breeders and other canine professionals who recommend her highly. She fiercely advocates reward based training methods that help pet parents understand their dogs better and is very popular in Bengaluru for her results driven approach.

She was awarded “Most Inspiring Dog Trainer 2019” by Shirin Merchant, India’s pioneering canine behaviourist & trainer and founder of Canines Can Care.  


So what are you waiting for? Call us for a consultation right away! We are waiting to meet your lovely dogs!!